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Cosmogonies, cosmologies & golden ages.


A gazeteer of mythological places.

Was Atlantis Real?

Searching for the origins of Plato's tale.


Did the battle that gave birth to England take place on Darwen Moor?

The Age of Exploration

A series of texts describing the exploits of the explorers of Renaissance Europe.

Update - 6th May 2018

At present, I am busy sorting out the hierarchy of pages, as well as continuing to fill the scriptoria with relevant texts. The next major piece of work planned is the replacement of the pages in the Beginnings section - pages which I have never truly been pleased with - into a more adequate (in my view) collection of texts.

Once that is complete, my essays on Atlantis (and perhaps Arthur) will need a look. I plan to do just that.

In particular, my aim is that, once I've presented the texts, I will have a body of source material from which to construct more rigorous material of my own, though please feel free to use this site primarily as a source of reading material from ages past.


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