Phantom geography

The edges of the earth in Chinese geography

Mount Kunlun.

Legends of the Kunlun Mountains.


Immortal isles of the east.

Lands of medieval romance

The lands of Jajuj & Majuj from the Tabula Rogeriana.

The land of Gog & Magog.

Prester John.

The mysterious kingdom of Prester John.

The Fisher King.

The barely-achieveable realm of the Fisher King.

A medieval siege.

The African kingdom of Zazamanc.

Marco Polo in Tatar dress.

The report of Marco Polo.

Sir John Mandeville: the Jethro Tull years.

The fantastical account of Sir John Mandeville.

Riches, immortality & high strangeness in the Americas


The Seven Cities of Gold: Cibola, surely?

Quivira map.

Hmmm... maybe not. Perhaps try Quivira instead?

Section of the Oregon coastline.

No, not that one, the other one. Y'know?


The many lives of Norumbega.

Jacques Cartier & Donnacona.

The "rich white men over yonder" gambit, part 1: the supposed Kingdom of Saguenay.

Lukas Cranach's Fountain of Youth.

What's gold if you don't have the time to spend it? Visit the Fountain of Youth today!


Anian and its elusive straits: was Marco Polo apprised of the New World?

Tired of the surface? Why not head inside?


Shambhala, the city of enlightenment.


What is the truth behind Agharta?


Atvatabar & its queen.

That's this earth covered. What about the other ones?

Detail of a newspaper report about Jophar Vorin.

The strange case of Jophar Vorin of Laxaria.

A shadow of a man.

Where in the ultra-world are Taured & Lizbia?

Woolpit signage.

St. Martin's Land: home of the green people.


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