Norse & Icelandic geography & exploration

The giant Skirnir.

Thor's journey to Utgard.

Leif Eriksson spies land.

Vínland: the Grœnlendinga Saga.

A Sadlermiut whaler.

Vínland: Eiríks saga rauða.

St. Brendan and company.

Írland hið mikla a.k.a. HvÍtramannaland: from the Landnámabók, Eyrbyggja Saga & the story of Bjorn Asbrandsson.

An early modern Icelandic map of the north.

Icelandic geographical accounts: Gripla 115, vellum codex 192 & other annals.

The remains of Hvalsey church.

Accounts of Greenland: from Ivar Bardsen & Popes Nicholas V & Alexander VI.

Other Germanic peoples

The Anglo-Saxons

Frisians, Norwegians & others in the north

The Frisian pompebled emblem.

Adam of Bremen's relation of a Frisian expedition towards the North Pole.

The maelstrom off Lofoten island, Norway.

The maelstrom in the north according to Paulus Diaconus.

Mercator's map of the north.

The Inventio Fortunata: Mercator's letter to Dee & annotations on maps.

Material from Wales & Latvia

Coat of arms of the Aberffraw dynasty of Gwynedd.

The adventure of Madoc according to "Richard Deacon."
Also, theories of Madoc in America according to John Dee, the Cronica Walliae & History Cambriae.



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