Mythical and faraway places from the classical canon

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Greek (and, by extension, Roman) mythology, geography, history & philosophy yields a plethora of mythological and fantastical places, ranging from lost continents (such as this one) & fabulous islands across the stream of the encircling river Oceanus to terrestrial paradises beyond the winds and the grim domains of monsters & phantasms. These are some of them: -

Mythic geography


The geography of Homer.


Hesiodic geography: the Theogony and beyond.


Weird geography from the Prometheus Bound.

The historians & geographers

Arabia on Google Earth.

Agatharchides on the Erythrean Sea - books one and five.

The Black Sea on Google Earth.

Arrian on the Black Sea.


Dicaearchus' Periodos.

The Indian subcontinent on Google Earth.

Megasthenes on India.

Greece on Google Earth.

The Periplus of pseudo-Scymnus.


Fantastic accounts

Procopius on Brittia.

The geographical outlook of the Somnium Scipionis.



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