Mythical and faraway places from the classical canon

Greek (and, by extension, Roman) mythology, geography, history & philosophy yields a plethora of mythological and fantastical places, ranging from lost continents (such as this one) & fabulous islands across the stream of the encircling river Oceanus to terrestrial paradises beyond the winds and the grim domains of monsters & phantasms. These are some of them: -

Homeric geography

Odysseus' stricken men in the land of the Lotopagoi.

Forgetfulness & ecstasy: the land of the Lotus Eaters.


Telepylos: the domain of the Laestrygones.


Aeaea: the enchantress Circe's island.

Odysseus in the underworld.

Death, darkness & dread: Erebus & the Cimmerians' city.

The Seirens.

Anthemoessa, the floriferous dwelling of the sweet-singing Sirens.

Scylla & Charybdis.

Scylla & Charybdis: not so much a rock & a hard place as a monster & a maelstrom.


Thrinacia: the sun's cattle ranch.


Ogygia: Calypso's home - and, for seven years, Odysseus' too.

Odysseus spots Nausicaa & company bathing.

Scheria: home of the fabulous Phaeacians and their splendid sailing machines.

More mythical geography

Hesiod & the muse.

The geography of the Hesiodic pursuit of the Harpies.

Arimaspoi vs. a Griffin.

The geography of Io's journey in Prometheus Bound: a reflection of Aristeas?


Hyperborea: home of Apollo's sinless people in the far north.


Aea: the land of the rising sun.


Lyctonia: the Orphic Argonautica's sunken Mediterranean island.


Sarpedon: rocky home of the terrifying Gorgons.


Erytheia: the pastures of hell.

Pygmies fighting cranes.

The war between pygmies & cranes: an ancient Indo-European drama?

Philosophical utopias

Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Panchaea, the homeland of the gods.

A Volkswagen Beetle as decorated by no-good darned hippies.

Various other utopias found in literature.

Geography & ridicule


Thule: the forbidding heart of the frozen north.

Herodotus' Europe.

Classical authorities on Europe.

Herodotus' Asia.

Classical authorities on Asia.

Herodotus' Libya.

Classical authorities on Libya.

World map of Crates of Mallos.

Crates of Mallos' conception of the world.

Terra Australis.

What lies south?: the history of Terra Australis Incognita.



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