Jacques Cartier's expeditions to Canada are detailed in the third volume of the series Original Narratives of Early American History, namely Early English and French Voyages, 1534-1608. Details of Cartier's voyages, edited by Henry S. Burbage, appear between pages 1 & 102.

This tome was published by Charles Scribner's Sons of New York in 1906, on behalf of the American Historical Association.

+ - The first relation of Jaques Carthier of S. Malo, of the new land called New France, newly discovered in the yere of our Lord 1534.

+ - A shorte and briefe narration of the Navigation made by the commandement of the King of France, to the islands of Canada, Hochelaga, Saguenay, and divers others which now are called New France, with the particular customes, and maners of the inhabitants therein.

+ - The third voyage of discovery made by Captaine Jaques Cartier, 1540. [1541]unto the Countreys of Canada, Hochelaga, and Saguenay.



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