Abrahamic cosmogonies & cosmologies

This section deals with the cosmogonies & cosmologies depicted within the extant writings & traditions of the Abrahamic faiths.

For the purpose of this website, the Abrahamic faiths (or perhaps "macro-Abrahamic" faiths) are designated as those religious traditions in which the God of Abraham is either revered or appears in texts associated with these religious groups. As my secondary designation, "macro-Abrahamic," suggests, this treatment is a broad brush approach, and includes a number of smaller sects & faiths, some of which feature crossovers with various non-Abrahamic traditions (e.g. Greek philosophy, Zoroastrianism, ancient Mesopotamian & Egyptian theologies).

Please note the Samaritans accept the Biblical creation as outlined in the Pentateuch, whilst the Rastafarians hold sacred both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the New Testament.

Stormy sea.

Agon texts (in which YHWH is victorious in primordial battles against the watery forces of chaos).

Icon of Christ Pantokrator.

John 1 (a Christian creation text based upon the logos material, identifying Jesus Christ as the Word of YHWH).

Jewish blessing.

Texts in which YHWH's Wisdom is personified as a participant in the creation of the universe.

Mosque dome.

How Allah created the universe.

Adam Kadmon.

The upper worlds of the Kabbalah.

Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

The lower worlds (including correspondencies from various Jewish & non-Jewish sources).

Sufi tiles.

Sufi cosmology.

Syncretistic accounts

Mountains & clouds reflected in a lake. Yeah!

A Jewish gnostic creation myth.

Drawing of a Gnostic gem depicting a lion-faced serpent.

The cosmology of the Apocryphon of John, associated with the Sethians.

Depiction of the Valentinian cosmos.

The cosmology of Valentinus & the Valentinians, as well as their elaborate system of Aeons.

Manichaean scholars.

Manichaean cosmology.

Islamic calligraphy praising 'Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Extinct Shi'a ghulat groups.


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