Beginnings: cosmogony, cosmology & golden ages

Abrahamic cosmogonies

How the world began according to the Bible, Qur'an & other Abrahamic sources.

A section roughly divided into Judaeo-Christian, Islamic & syncretistic sections (i.e. those normally considered under the rubric of "gnosticism" or, in the Islamic paradigm, as ghulāt), with the aim of collecting representative texts into one handy little place.

Greek cosmogonies

Greek myth & philosophy on the beginning of the universe.

A series of sources from the ancient Hellenic world tracing the Greeks' views on the origins of the cosmos from the time of Homer & Hesiod through the development of the various philosophical ideas of the first principle, encompassing the mystery schools such as the Orphics.

Near Eastern cosmogonies

Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Anatolia...

The plethora of different accounts of creation from Egypt, as well as the various Mesopotamian traditons, which deeply influenced the views of the Hittites. To this heady mix is added the late Phoenician account attributed to Sanchuniathon.

Indo-European & Eurasian cosmogonies

Creation lore from across Eurasia.

This section aims to gather sources on the cosmogonical views of the various Indo-European peoples outside of Greece, ranging from India to Ireland & from Spain to Scythia. Additional material from as far afield as Manchuria & northern Siberia are also included.

East Asian cosmogonies

The Chinese & their neighbours offer a host of accounts.

Chinese poets, Shinto priests & Korean shamans have developed many diverse accounts of the origins of all. Here are some of them.

Native American cosmogonies

The creation accounts of the native peoples of the Americas.

There are many & varied views of how we all came to be among the native peoples of the New World. Fascinating insights from peoples such as the Hopi & Aztecs are gathered here.


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