Plato's place in Greek philosophy

Plato, I think, was ill.
- Plato, Phaedo [59b].

Plato is a significant figure in the history of philosophy. This series of essays seeks to provide a short biography of the man and his work, as well as wider developments in ancient Greek thought.


Who was this Plato fellow anyway?

Plato's Symposium.

A brief overview of Plato's philosophy.

Text of Plato's Republic.

A short introduction to Plato's political thinking as expressed primarily in his Republic & Laws.

Candaules displays his wife to Gyges.

Atlantis is usually categorised as one of the many myths developed & used by Plato to illustrate particular philosophical points.

A medieval manuscript of Calcidius' Latin translation of the Timaeus.

Atlantis appears in two of Plato's dialogues, the Timaeus & Critias.


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