Claims about Atlantis: fact or fiction?

This section is dedicated to collecting specific claims about aspects of the Atlantis story appearing in a variety of sources and assessing their probability of veracity.

Manifold are the claims made about Plato's ancient civilisation - and many are undoubtedly spurious.

Thus far, essays are being prepared on the following subjects: -

A Celtic horned head.

Did the Gaulish druids cited by Timagenes remember a migration from Atlantis?


Do the Hindu scriptures know of Atlantis?

Manetho text.

Atlanteans in Manetho & Sanchuniathon?

Sokar from the Book of Gates.

Referecnes to Atlantis in the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

Libyan petroglyphs.

Did the Egyptians come from the west?

Detail from the Narmer Palette.

Was "Menes" killed in the far west?


Was Atlantis known to the Aztecs?



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